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Options for Anything

By Jim Biros | Photo by Greg Dahl

With a finance degree from WITC, Aubre Snider had many career options to choose from.

FINANCE. The name alone conjures up thoughts of pencil-pushing, number crunchers, and, face it – yawns. But how about real jobs in finance? What about a program with a 100 percent placement rate and graduates with good starting salaries … now does that catch your attention?

With financial uncertainty across the globe, many are waking up to the tremendous benefits a degree in finance can provide.

“I wanted a broad degree that gave me options of career paths to choose from,” says Aubre Snider, a graduate of WITC-Rice Lake’s finance program. “I wanted to go into business management, and thought the finance program was a broad business degree that I could do a lot with.”

For Snider, a compliance officer with Cumberland Federal Bank, that knowledge has paid off.

“I loved the finance program,” she says. “There was such a variety of classes from accounting, personal finance, money and banking, business, computers and more that always made learning interesting.”

From the basics of accounting, to learning computer software and even psychology, the program strives to prepare graduates for any situation they may encounter.

“The program prepared me for a job by having classes that were pertinent to the specific program,” Snider says. “We had classes that were designed to prepare me to get and keep a job. We practiced mock interviews, dinner interview etiquette, preparing a resume and portfolio and much more. This type of learning prepared me to start my career from the moment I graduated.”

With a wide range of studies, graduates of the program are better able to quickly enter the job market. At Cumberland Federal Bank, Snider’s duties include everything from performing IT duties, to conducting internal audits, helping to train staff and overseeing all compliance functions throughout the bank.

Snider hopes to become a part of senior management and help Cumberland Federal Bank grow. She would even welcome the opportunity to manage or teach compliance and perform internal auditing.

“I love that my job always offers something new,” Snider says. “I always have something to do and am always learning new things. I am treated with respect from my coworkers and I feel appreciated throughout the organization. I am always given the opportunity to grow in my career.”

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