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Barber-Cosmetology competition will have
students going head to head  ̶  literally

Maikin 101 Competition finalists pose with manikins they styled for the judges to compete for the grand prize. Lauren Mostrom, a WITC-Superior student,  was awarded the grand prize. Shown L-R front row: Joy Oswskey (winner  1940s era) and Lauren Mostrom (winner 1960s era and Grand Prize). Judges L-R back row: Justin Paul Hoivik, Lila Hickok, Harvey Plasch, Lisa Russ.

(3/1/11): Local Barber-Cosmetology students got the chance to take part in the inaugural “Manikin 101 Competition” held on Monday, February 28, at WITC-Superior.

This event tested the skills of students who are pursuing a Barber-Cosmetology degree from area colleges. The event was hosted by the WITC-Superior Barber-Cosmetology program.

The event took contestants through a series of qualifying categories in which students used identical Manikins to cut and style an “era inspiration” reflecting 1940s and 1960s hairstyles.

The winner of each category went on to compete in a final “cut off” which required them to cut and style a male manikin with long hair and beard using only an electric barber shears.

Entries were judged by: Justin Paul Hoivik – Justin Paul Salon & Spa, Harvey Plasch – A Touch of Plasch, Lila Hickok and Lisa Russ – LaPeinado Salon.

Winners in the 1940s era category: 3rd, Eleni Limberios, 2nd Chelsea Hunter, 1st place Joy Oswskey. Winners in the 1960s era category: 3rd Mindi Larson, 2nd Kristin Looney, 1st Lauren Mostrom. The Grand Prize was awarded to Lauren Mostrom, a WITC-Superior student.