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WITC student named to statewide BPA office

Cathy Mianecki, a Human Resource Management student at WITC-New Richmond, was recently voted into a statewide executive board position for Business Professionals of America (BPA) as communication director.

(11/17/14): A recent statewide election in the national Business Professionals of America (BPA) professional association placed WITC-New Richmond’s Cathy Mianecki as the Wisconsin chapter’s communication director.

A graduate of New Richmond High School, Mianecki now resides in Glenwood City. She is in her second year of a human resources management associate degree and plans to graduate in May.

Mianecki looks forward to her new statewide responsibilities and speaks to how much BPA has helped her.

“It’s amazing all the networking I’ve experience through BPA,” she says. “I’ve met so many more people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.” She attributes networking to her success in the election, as she participated in competitions sponsored by the BPA and met people at colleges around the state.

To secure her new title, Mianecki gave a three-minute speech and answered a series of 12 questions. The election was held in Rice Lake and Green Bay via interactive television (ITV).

WITC’s BPA chapter includes 15 first and second-year students this year, which is double from last year, Mianecki says.

“I like recruiting,” she says. “I encourage people to participate in a campus organization. They miss out on so much if they don’t.”

She points out that belonging to an organized club is important when job hunting, too.

“Employers look for extra-curricular participation, not just grades,” she says. “Besides it’s lots of fun. You get to meet and know classmates better outside of class.”

In addition to her new title, Mianecki also serves as the president of the WITC-New Richmond campus chapter. As part of her new statewide duties, Mianecki will meet face-to-face and via Skype with other state executive board members, who are sprinkled around the state. She has BPA responsibilities with Chippewa Valley Technical College and WITC, production of a statewide newsletter, and assists others in preparation for the spring competition.

“I highly recommend those who aren’t involved in a college organization get involved. Take advantage of what’s at WITC,” Mianecki says.

Upon graduation, Mianecki plans to find a human resources job in the area.

“HR is everywhere!” she says with a confident smile.

BPA is the leading organization for career and technical students seeking careers in business management, office administration, information technology and related careers. Its statewide and local chapters promote business careers through activities, seminars, and competitions. In Wisconsin, students compete against other technical  colleges in leadership, citizenship, academic and technological skills as part of the BPA’s State Leadership Conference. Winners then move on to a national competition. This year the state competition is in February, with the national competition in Anaheim, Calif., in April. WITC students have traditionally done very well in competition; claiming top placements in many categories.