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County ERT training held at WITC-New Richmond

Emergency Response Team members Sgt. Jeff Kennett, Dep. Charles Coleman and Dep. Justin Johnson, all from St. Croix County Sheriff’s Dept., confer as to the best way to sweep classrooms, hallways and labs at WITC during a recent training session at the college. The training was a mutual agreement between WITC and the ERT to familiarize the team with the college’s layout should an emergency occur.

(1/17/14): Police dressed in tactical gear is a rare sight at any location, but particularly surprising at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College's New Richmond campus during the students’ winter break when the St. Croix County Emergency Response Team practiced maneuvers at the college.

The ERT wanted to familiarize itself with WITC-New Richmond and the unique challenges it presents should a situation arise at the college. Knowing WITC’s layout of hallways, stairwells, numerous rooms and labs filled with equipment can aid responders in critical times. Some ERT members hadn’t visited the college before, and according to Sgt. Jeff Kennet, found the training “very beneficial.”

Justin Johnson, deputy, St. Croix County, and adjunct instructor in WITC's criminal justice-corrections program, coordinated the training session with the college. The ERT members take turns setting up training sessions around the area in office buildings, schools, houses, warehouses and other venues to help them prepare for emergencies.