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Administrative Professional Program

Successful Graduates

Administrative Professional graduate, Lisa RischetteFrom WITC-Rice Lake I have gained knowledge and the necessary skills for my career as an Administrative Professional. As a student, I worked at WITC as a part-time employee which soon followed with the opportunity to be become a full-time employee. I work in Student Services with Admissions as well as Credit for Prior Learning/Transfer Credits, which has allowed me to work closely with the registrar. I was able to be successful in my career because I received one-on-one teaching, as well as hands-on training in the program. I am very grateful to be able to give back to our current and future students the same treatment I received at WITC. – Lisa Rischette


Administrative Professional graduate, Emilie BailkeyMy educational journey was at a standstill when I decided to attend WITC. I completed a few semesters at a UW campus, but did not feel as though I had a path in life. I decided to attend WITC just to get “some sort of degree” in order to land a higher paying job than a high school diploma and a few semesters at the UW could garner. I entered the Administrative Professional program with the intent of getting in and getting out, never knowing that I would learn so much and build such supportive relationships. Since graduating from WITC in the Administrative Professional program, I have completed my bachelor’s degree and have a very rewarding career at WITC supporting students as they work toward their dreams. – Emilie Bailkey

Administrative Professional graduate,Tabitha Pfannenstiel.Tabitha Pfannenstiel is a 2003 graduate of the Administrative Assistant program. As the conference center technician at WITC-Rice Lake, she handles a wide array of tasks such as organizing conference center events, working with food service, managing the office and room scheduling. “My education was vital to success in my current position as it taught me many of the current software programs that I use, leadership skills, time management, and the flexibility to work in an ever changing environment,” Tabitha says. “The education I received at WITC has been the foundation of my career and I know it will continue to serve me as my career evolves.”


Administrative Professional graduate, Penny Dekan. I hold a very successful career as a Regional Sales Manager with Avery Weigh-Tronix, a global manufacturing company. When I left Rice Lake, Wis., in 1997 never did I think that I would see so much of the United States, let alone so much of the world as a result of the training that I received on your campus. "The experience that I received there has enabled me to far surpass so many within my field with both master’s and bachelor’s degrees based upon my hands on skills," says Penny Dekan.

So thank you, for giving me the professional and hands-on skills to take with me throughout my career future. Without those, I would probably still be a struggling single mom in Rice Lake. You opened up so many doors to me.

Jeanine Moody, successful graduate of WITC's Administrative Professional Program.
Jeanine Moody works at the Inter County Cooperative Publishing Association as an administrative professional. My technical title is customer service specialist and tear sheet coordinator. My primary responsibilities include working with customers, pulling tear sheets and preparing co-op advertising receipted statements. A tear sheet is a page from a publication to prove to the client that the advertisement was published. The opportunities and promotions I have received are directly reflected on my educational experience at WITC. "If anyone ever asks my opinion on which College they should go to, I always tell them WITC. It was the best decision I ever made," says Jeanine Moody.