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Administrative Professional

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What Graduates are Saying

Sarah LaRose, Administrative Professional program graduate.



Since the moment I came to WITC I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this organization are simply amazing, especially those in the Administrative Professional Program. The instructors that I have encountered have always put the students first because they truly want them to be successful and succeed on every level. Their guidance has not only helped me grow as a person but become a better admin as well. The Administrative Professional Program uses hands-on learning with real life aspects, which has helped me be able to be successful in my current position. I cannot thank WITC and the Administrative Professional Program enough for all the opportunities thus far.

Danae Eckwall
WITC Graduate

Sarah LaRose, Administrative Professional program graduate.




The Administrative Professional program gave me the confidence and skill set to succeed in my position at WITC. From communication skills to computer skills, I am using everything I learned on a daily basis. It was the hands-on, real life projects that gave me an excellent understanding of the rewards and challenges that administrative professionals face. My two program instructors constantly stretched the boundaries of what I was “comfortable” doing. Thanks to them, I am ready and confident to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Sarah LaRose
WITC Graduate

Rachel Lee, Administrative Professional program graduate.I was able to use my Administrative Professional degree in an unexpected setting. After graduating in May 2014, I interned for my local library, helping with the Summer Reading program. I didn’t think I would need any of the skills I had gained from WITC to do this job, but I was wrong! Most of my time was spent doing research, developing ideas, coordinating programs, and working in a team setting. I also had to take a lot of initiative and think critically, especially when things didn’t go as planned.

My advice to students would be to use every opportunity, big or small, to grow as a person and as a professional. You never know where you’ll be able to utilize what you’ve learned. My seemingly “insignificant” summer job turned out to be an amazing opportunity to showcase my strengths and use my hard-earned degree. I also earned enough money to take time off from working to do some serious job hunting. I’m proud to say that I was recently hired to a full-time position at Northwest Wisconsin CEP, Inc. and I’m excited to see where it takes me.
Rachel Lee
WITC Graduate

Jaime at Memorial Medical CenterI am working in an internship position at Memorial Medical Center in an office setting. I’m in my second year of the Administrative Professional program at WITC. The internship has been a great way to apply the skills I have learned. It has also allowed me to gain real-life experience in workplace situations.
An internship is a good way to see if your area of study is right for you, and to see if you will enjoy the work you are getting into. I would recommend an internship/job study to anyone who wants to apply technical skills learned at WITC to the real job market.
Jaimee Erickson
WITC Graduate

I've had two main instructors during my whole time here.  You really get to develop a relationship with those teachers.  It's much more personal.  Everything is all directed toward my program.  Everything I take, I need.
Nicole Westemeier
WITC Graduate

I found the staff at WITC to be genuinely concerned with the success of their students.  We are not only given the technology skills needed in today's job market, but also the confidence to succeed.
Hedy Amundson
WITC Graduate

Administrative Professional graduate, Sue Hammond.Immediately after graduating from WITC, Susan Hammond landed a job with a Minneapolis company. Having earned her Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) designation led to a job as a professional assistant for the CEO of a large brokerage firm. Susan continued her life-long learning journey earning both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Recruited to work as an office manager for the Tonka Equipment Company, she is now Vice President of Finance and Administration and supervises 11 people. "Now it's my turn to make a difference in their lives,” she says. Susan is responsible for network administration, human resources and benefits, accounting facilities, and business insurance while she also assists the CEO with planning and corporate management.


Administrative Professional graduate, Kelly Isaacson."Going to WITC was probably one of the best decisions in my life," says Kelly Isaacson. Kelly admits that prior to starting her education she had a negative view of WITC. "Oh, it's just a tech school,” she says. “I had this perception that the work would be easy, that I would gain some new skills and be on my way." Kelly walked into her first class and knew she was going to learn more than she thought possible. "Through my classes, I not only learned valuable new skills, but I was constantly challenged to stretch my abilities,” she says. “WITC has provided me with the self-confidence and the skills necessary to succeed in my field. I will always be grateful to the staff for giving me the confidence and courage to go after and accomplish my dreams."

Administrative Professional graduate, Toni Sadtler. "After completing my associate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County, I was off to a 4-year college institution to pursue a management degree," says Toni Sadtler. It was there that I felt like a number and was never really comfortable with my place on campus. Through my three years in college, I had work study jobs performing secretarial duties in offices or the library. While there I received a call from a friend asking me to enroll with her in the Administrative [Professional] class at WITC. Prior to then, I didn’t even give technical school a thought! It was one of the most life-changing decisions that I have made and will never regret – or would you!

From enrollment to graduation, the staff at WITC was overwhelmingly helpful and there for you. You’re not “just a number” anymore. You are a student striving to do your best and a friend to your professors. They personally care about you and your well-being. The classes within the Administrative [Professional] Program made me the person I am today. I am now the Supervisor of Administrative Support with a team of employees and the Executive Assistant to a Vice President at a healthcare facility. I am very proud to say that I gained my knowledge, confidence and experience through WITC in Rice Lake.

I was currently working night shifts; fulltime at a convenience store, and I knew I wanted to get into a program that offered Microsoft Office, because these were the same programs that the managers used at my job, and it always interested me how these programs worked. When I started to look into the degrees offered, the Administrative Professional degree was a perfect fit for me. It offered courses in all of the Microsoft Office programs. It also offered some math and communication classes which I liked, because I knew I was not as strong as I could be in these areas.
This program is a perfect start for any college career. With the classes you take in this degree, you start a strong foundation that you can build off for years to come. This program is also on the cutting-edge with all the new technology that is currently being offered. WITC offers many certificates you can also tack on to this diploma. When I was earning this degree I chose to take the Graphics Design certificate which went very well along with this program. With this certificate, you are taught how use all the Adobe software. I was totally blown away by what these programs can do!
This diploma is not just for office work; it gives you tools that you will use in your everyday life and any job you have. You need to have strong communication, math and reading skills no matter what you are doing. Upon graduation, I was offered a full-time managerial position with benefits, and I was also put in charge of making the signage for our store. I am very happy with my choice and the skills that I learned given me the upper hand in the work place.
Wayne Osberg
WITC Graduate

I met with Mrs. Kelly Sylte over the summer of 2007 to discuss furthering my education in the Administrative Assistant program at WITC, New Richmond campus. She was so helpful, accommodating, and informative about the program, that I took the next steps to enroll, and am glad that I did!

At the time I was working the graveyard shift at a factory, as I had for over five years, making $9.25 an hour. The school schedule was flexible, so I was able to continue working full-time and attend classes as a part-time student for the bulk of my classes. I was then fortunate enough to be able to leave my job and focus entirely on education, and was able to complete the required credits in another one and a half semesters.

My Associate of Applied Science degree from the Administrative Assistant program was able to open the hypothetical door that was keeping me locked on the production floor, and moved me into the comfort of the office. My degree also helped me beat out competition for entry-level office jobs, which in turn got my foot in the door and the experience I needed to apply for and get better paying jobs.

Within two years from graduating from the Administrative Assistant program, I watched my benefits improve and pay increase by over 30 percent, enjoyed my hours being “normal,” and the working environment go from dismal to delightful. I have been at the office job with the law firm that granted me those improvements for a couple weeks shy of two years now.

The beauty of the program is that it has been crafted and is instructed by those who have been in the field, so you know that you are getting information that is pertinent to the career field and not a lot of “fluff.” Furthermore, the two-year degree may be used towards attaining a four-year degree at a later time. Currently I am looking to use mine to fill the pre-requisites for the paralegal certificate program at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Go Tar Heels!

Matthew Mayne
WITC Graduate