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Administrative Professional Program

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A degree as an Administrative Professional is a spring board for many career paths. As technology is integrated into an office setting, employees are expected to keep pace.

The Office Support Specialist and Administrative Professional programs share the same first year curriculum providing an easy transition from one program to the other.

Thatís why a graduate in the Administrative Professional program is well positioned to assume a position in most organizations. The soft skills such as work ethic, positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, problem-solving skills, team player, self-confidence, flexibility and working well under pressure are all part of the skills emphasized in this program.

Working in smart offices may include enhanced technology skills to facilitate and manage conference calls, web conferencing, voice messaging, fax on demand, web content, auto responders, and defining software solutions.

Staying on top of technology means todayís Administrative Professionals are life-long learners. Additional certificates, seminars and workshops will help improve skills and ensure a well-run office. This program prepares students for a variety of office environments from traditional to health related to virtual offices.

NEW for 2011! The Administrative Professional program will be offered completely online. Students will have the flexibility to enroll in classes and complete coursework when it is convenient.