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Agricultural Power and Equipment Technician Licensure Opportunities

Agricultural Power & Equipment Technician program controls display in classroom.

Become Licensed: WITC is committed to helping you become as prepared as possible for your future career after graduation from its Agricultural Power and Equipment Technician program. While enrolled in the program, you will earn a Forklift License and have the opportunity to earn a Mobile Air Conditioning License. Both are required by industry, and may put you one step ahead in the pool of applications in today’s job market.

Forklift License: As part of the Agricultural Power and Equipment Technician program at WITC, students are required to obtain a license to operate a forklift. Powered industrial trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks, are used in many industries, primarily to move materials. Companies frequently protect their employees from injuries by allowing only trained and competent operators to run a powered industrial truck. At WITC, you will obtain your license so that you’ll be one step closer to preparing yourself for a job in the agricultural industry.

Mobile Air Conditioning License: By law, any technician who installs, repairs, or services mobile air conditioners that contain refrigerant must be licensed. WITC offers an opportunity for students to participate in a State of Wisconsin approved training course designed to certify operators of refrigerant recover/recycling equipment. All participants must pass a final test to receive their license.