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Architectural Commercial Design

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What Graduates are Saying

The Architectural Commercial Design program instructors proved more than helpful in assisting me to not only understand the architectural field, but to succeed once I got in it. The broad variety of skills and personal attributes that I gained from the program has been very beneficial in helping me tackle the everyday workload of being a CAD Drafter at Gensler. Proficiency in Computer-Aided Design programs, understanding the process of construction documents, and the importance of working as part of a team are a few things I received from the program that have been extremely beneficial. I knew I wanted a career in design, but was worried about entering the program since I had no previous knowledge in the field. My concerns left quickly as the environment allowed me to comfortably learn the criteria amongst peers and instructors who were as passionate about the field as I was. Being part of in depth discussions during class and the amount of one on one time with the instructors made learning the subjects easy. I am thankful for choosing to study at the WITC Architectural Commercial Design Program.

Justin Anderson
WITC Architectural Commercial Design Graduate

Tricia Wilt, CAD Drafter, WITC Graduate The Architectural Commercial Design program helped me prepare for a demanding working environment as a CAD drafter for Lamperts Lumber Inc. I enjoy the variety that my career provides. No job is ever the same and I get to use my creativity and imagination when it comes to designing homes. The instructors in the architectural program help you understand how projects come together; from the building aspect, to the estimating and the drawing. I chose WITC because in two years you learn as much and more than you would in a four-year program and the classrooms provide one-on-one learning. I am grateful for the education I received through the WITC Architectural Commercial Design Program.

Tricia Wilt
WITC Architectural Commercial Design Graduate

Travis DeGolier, WITC Architectural Commercial Design Program GraduateThe Architectural Commercial Design Program covered a wide variety of architecture and drafting topics, which made it easier in deciding on a career after college. I am currently employed at Nimsgern Steel Corp. as a steel detailer. Reading Architectural plans, understanding the code books, basic steel connections and details, and using AutoCAD and 3D design computer programs are just a few things from the architectural commercial design program that I benefited from immediately upon starting my job. After working at my job awhile, I was asked to learn SDS/2, a 3D computer program for steel detailing. I had no past experience in it, but felt comfortable learning and using it based on taking classes for AutoCAD Revit and Autodesk Architectural, 3D programs for architectural drafting. I choose the architectural commercial design program because of the testimonial of a family member who took the program and taking a tour of the program and school while in high school.

Travis DeGolier
WITC Architectural Commercial Design Graduate