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Automotive Technician

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What Graduates are Saying

Shawn, WITC Automotive Technician Graduate  
My experiences over the last year and one half in the Automotive Technician program at WITC, have been more fulfilling than I had expected them to be.

After being out of school for so long, I was somewhat hesitant about returning. 

I found the instructors to be thorough in their instructions and a pleasant atmosphere to be in.  I not only learned, but enjoyed school at the same time.

Special thanks to Todd Asanovich and Dave Johnson, Janie Harr and Don Little.

WITC Graduate

WITC Automotive Technician Graduate, Marty

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and students at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical college for a very fun and rewarding learning experience. 

Being a retired military Veteran of 22 years, I have attended numerous training schools and programs throughout the years.  I really can't remember a level of professionalism as high as brought forth by the staff at WITC.  I've seen a genuine commitment to quality education as well as a sincere concern for the SUCCESS of the STUDENT.  In today's chaotic society, it is really great to see people who care about your success and well being.  I have made many new friends and have had a lot of fun.  This to me is what it is all about, so keep up the good work WITC.  I salute you!

Marty, USCG (retired)
WITC Graduate