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Business Management Program

Internship OpportunitiesNicole Shellito found that an internship can be a great opportunity to learn new things and get 'behind the scenes' in a company or business that interests you.

One of the recommended electives in the Business Management program is an internship. This external experience allows students the opportunity to explore a particular field of interest while expanding their business knowledge and skills. An internship provides applicable, hands-on learning that helps to build a studentís resume.

Nicole Shellito shares her thoughts about her internship: "This is a great opportunity to learn new things and get 'behind the scene' in a company/business that you are interested in! For me, working at the Barron Humane Society was a great way to realize how important pets are to people and how doing work there could possibly help give a pet a forever home."

Often an internship provides a foot in the door opportunity that can lead to a full-time job at internship's end. Specific business experience appeals to potential employers and is critical for establishing relevant business experience.

While strongly recommended because of the many benefits, Internship is an elective class for students enrolled in the Business Management program. Students are responsible for setting up their internships; however, the instructor will make recommendations and assist with contacts. Length of an internship will vary by credit.

Program advisors will discuss the exciting possibilities an internship can provide for students enrolled in the program.