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Construction and Cabinetmaking

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What Graduates are Saying

I think what separates WITC from other colleges is its attention to detail. Itís a very well-rounded school, and the courses are carefully laid out. Each has a purpose and relates to the other courses. In addition to all of the hands-on training, including actually building a house in our second year, WITC offers courses in estimating and computer training, like CAD. I do my own estimating and paperwork, so thatís been important. I also liked that WITC has a friendly atmosphere. Youíre known by your name--not as a number. The staff and instructors take the time to get to know you. Instructors were happy to sit down with students after class if they had questions.

Joe Yakesh
Residential Construction and Cabinetmaking Program


Some of the other students think I am crazy for all the extra time I put in on my house drawings, CNC programming, and working in the shop, but that just shows how much I enjoy the program and the school. Itís a great place to get a top-notch education.

Jon Bauer
Residential Construction and Cabinetmaking Program


My educational experience at WITC was worth every minute of my time.  The instructors guided me and taught me the skills I would need for my future career.  It is a great school and I was very happy with my choice.

WITC Graduate