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Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Tactical Skills - (10504126)

Credits:   4.00


Learn the basis for and limits to use of force by Wisconsin law enforcement officers including specific techniques for intervention covered in the Wisconsin System of Defense and Arrest Tactics. Learn weapon handling skills and how to care for and maintain your duty service weapons. Learn to shoot quickly and accurately under a variety of conditions including under low light, while moving, and from behind cover. Also learn the basics of room clearing, tactical movement, use of cover and concealment, and application of these skills in emergency situations. PREREQUISITES: Must meet application requirements of WITC and the Wisconsin Department of Justice and must be enrolled in the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement program.

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Fall 2014   08/18/2014 TO 12/16/2014
Spring 2015   01/12/2015 TO 05/13/2015
Summer 2015   06/01/2015 TO 07/24/2015