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Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Constitutional Law - (10504901)

Credits:   3.00


In this course, learners will diagram the structure of the criminal justice system, identify situations where constitutional rules are applicable, identify situations where an officer may use reasonable suspicion to contact a subject, identify the elements of a lawful arrest, identify search-related activities where the 4th amendment is not applicable, identify the requirements that pertain to search warrants, analyze situations where an officer may conduct a search without a warrant, compare the requirements for conducting routine searches with those for searching disabled persons and strip searches, identify the requirements of the laws governing confessions and statements, and analyze the various requirements that evidence must meet before it can be admitted in court. This course consists of competencies and learning objectives from the following blocks of instruction from the Law Enforcement Standards Board 520 hour Law Enforcement Basic Training Curriculum. Constitutional Law - 30 hours PREREQUISITE: 10504902 Criminal Law

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Spring 2015   01/12/2015 TO 05/13/2015
Summer 2015   06/01/2015 TO 07/24/2015
Fall 2015   08/17/2015 TO 12/16/2015