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Nursing - Associate Degree

Nursing: Complex Health Alterations 2 - (10543113)

Credits:   3.00


Complex Health Alterations 2 prepares the learner to expand knowledge and skills from previous courses in caring for clients across the lifespan with alterations in the immune, neuro-sensory, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, renal/urinary and the reproductive systems. The learner will also focus on management of care for clients with high-risk perinatal conditions, high-risk newborns and the ill child. Synthesis and application of previously learned concepts will be evident in the management of clients with critical/life threatening situations. PREREQUISITES: 10543109 Nursing Complex Health Alterations 1, 10543110 Nursing: Mental Health and Community Concepts, 10543111 Nursing: Intermediate Clinical Practice, 10543112 Nursing Advanced Skills, and 10806197 Microbiology.

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Summer 2015   06/01/2015 TO 07/24/2015
Fall 2015   08/17/2015 TO 12/16/2015
Spring 2016   01/11/2016 TO 05/11/2016