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Architectural Commercial Design

College Technical Mathematics 2 - (10804116)

Credits:   4.00


Topics include: vectors; trigonometric functions and their graphs; identities; exponential and logarithmic functions and equations; radical equations; equations with rational exponents; dimension of a circle; velocity; sine and cosine graphs; complex numbers in polar and rectangular form; trigonometric equations; conic sections; and analysis of statistical data. Emphasis will be on the application of skills to technical problems. PREREQUISITES: 10804113 College Technical Mathematics 1A and 10804114 College Technical Mathematics 1B or 10804115 College Technical Mathematics 1.

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Summer 2015   06/01/2015 TO 07/24/2015
Fall 2015   08/17/2015 TO 12/16/2015
Spring 2016   01/11/2016 TO 05/11/2016