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Farm Business and Production Management

Livestock Management - (30090385)

Credits:   4.00


Animal agriculture has changed dramatically in the past decade and will continue to change at an even more rapid rate in the future. With advanced technology, animals have been cloned from tissue cells other than the gametes. This may allow us to produce animal products other than the traditional milk, meat, and fiber of the past. Along with positive changes, we have new animal diseases, concerns for the environment, human health, and these things are happening in a very volatile, economic climate. This course will help you analyze the current situation and make plans to take advantage of the changes in animal agriculture brought about by technological advances. Only by taking advantage of this change will we be able to survive economically in a world market.

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Spring 2015   01/12/2015 TO 05/13/2015
Summer 2015   06/01/2015 TO 07/24/2015
Fall 2015   08/17/2015 TO 12/16/2015