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Criminal Justice - Corrections Program

Get ReadyWITC Criminal Justice - Corrections

WITC instructors prepare students for successful employment in the criminal justice field. 

Using Verbal Judo program skills developed by Doc Thompson, students have an opportunity to practice interactive skills that encourage voluntary compliance, enhance professionalism and prevent verbal attacks from escalating.  Video taping sessions give students an opportunity to practice, analyze and improve their tactical communication skills.

Students learn appropriate use of handcuffs and take-downs. Mock offender situations are created to allow students the opportunity to finger print, conduct pat searches, complete an inventory of property and complete the booking process.

Scenario training helps students to anticipate a variety of reactions that might occur when working in a correctional facility. Field trips to local jails allow students to observe techniques currently used by correctional professionals.

The study of crime and how society reacts to criminal offenses help prepare students for the real world of employment. Learning about crime and it's causes helps criminal justice professionals stop crime as well as rehabilitate criminals.

Reviewing court documents and attending criminal court sessions give students the opportunity to see courts in action. In addition, students study correctional law as it applies to the job duties of correctional staff. Correctional law informs students about litigation to help protect themselves and their employer from legal action.

Criminal Justice - Corrections instructors are willing to answer your questions about how WITC prepares students to enter the job market.