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Criminal Justice - Corrections

10-504-2 Associate Degree (two-year)
Campus: New Richmond, Superior

Corrections. Criminal Justice. Law.

Trained corrections graduates are in demand in the state and across the country. The Criminal Justice - Corrections program prepares students for positions in a variety of corrections careers ranging from settings such as group homes to maximum-security prisons.

The field of corrections needs people with high ethical standards, positive human values, supportive attitudes and effective listening and negotiating skills. Many career paths are available including positions in a victim-witness program, correctional facility, youth detention center, treatment facility, or halfway house. With further education, the potential for career advancement exists as an administrator, juvenile caseworker, probation/parole agent and supervisor.

Students may be eligible to complete the jail officer "Certification Track" as part of the Criminal Justice - Corrections program. Successful completion of the Certification Track provides the education and hands-on training required by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board to become certifiable as a jail officer.

Admission Requirements

Students in this program must:

Program-Specific Requirements

Ethical. Accurate. Self-confident.

Students should strive to reach a comfort level in the following courses or skills:

Virtual Realities

WITC's simulation programs provide the next best thing to actual experience: opportunities to sharpen skills in [almost] real life settings. Read more.

Student Profile

Students in this program must:

Program Outcomes

Employers will expect you graduates of the program to be able to:

Program Costs

The estimated total program cost for the two-year Criminal Justice - Corrections program is approximately $8,500. This program is eligible for financial aid. View more information on program and costs.