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Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Program

Serve and ProtectWITC Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Program

Success in this field requires students who are emotionally stable. Not only must they be service orientated, empathetic and good communicators, they must also be assertive when necessary and able to make good, clear decisions under stress. 

Laws, regulations and policy must be adhered to in dealing with situations ranging from minor service calls to critical incidents. 

Success in this field requires the following:

Integrity: A good police officer is one who maintains honesty in all dealings, both in work and personal life. If officers make bad choices, they need to have the integrity to step forward and make things right.

Confidence: Good officers must also be brave. They often walk into dangerous situations with an unknown outcome. They need to show the people around them that they can maintain calm in dealing with stressful situations.

Compassion: Some of the people committing crimes do so out of desperation. Some are coerced into the criminal activity. Others are victims of crime. Officers must deal with all others in a professional and compassionate manner.

Reliability: Officers must be dependable regarding work attendance, job knowledge and issues of integrity. When a call comes in, the public expects and deserves a competent and concerned response.

Patience: Out-of-control suspects, distraught parents and abused victims all need a certain amount of patience in order to calm down. A good police officer will do what they can to resolve situations with as much patience as possible.

If you have these characteristics, this program may be for you. Contact an Admissions Advisor at a campus near you to discuss the possibilities.