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Criminal Justice Studies Program

ServiceWITC Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Program

Success in this field requires people who are assertive when necessary, yet compassionate, empathetic, and able to make clear, solid decisions under stress. Graduates must have strong communicator skills and be service oriented. Criminal justice careers vary greatly, but all present situations that range from minor service incidents to critical situations, but in every case, laws, regulations and policies must be adhered to without exception.

Success in criminal justice requires the following:

Integrity: Honesty must prevail, both in work and personal life, in every instance. Should a bad choice occur, graduates need to have the integrity to step forward and make it right.

Confidence: At times, dangerous situations with unknown outcomes will occur. Those in Criminal Justice Studies need to maintain their composure when dealing with stressful situations.

Compassion: Pursuing a career in criminal justice means coming into contact with a wide variety of people. Be it crime, desperation, anguish, depression, stress or a multitude of others, graduates must deal with all in a professional, patient and compassionate manner.

Reliability: Work attendance, punctuality, job knowledge and issues of integrity are critical elements every day. The public expects and deserves competent and concerned assistance.

If feel you have these traits and desire to serve the community, Criminal Justice Studies may be for you. Contact an Admissions Advisor at a campus near you to discuss the possibilities.