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Dairy Herd Management Real Experience

Each student in the program will participate in a nine-month internship. Often there is the opportunity to advance in responsibilities upon graduation with their dairy internship. The goal is to enhance the learner's ability to keep farm records, analyze reproduction programs, maintain milk quality, apply farm safety procedures and analyze farm finances. In addition, students gain real experience in herd health, management of calves and heifers, as well as analyzing farm facilities, dairy cattle rations and feeding programs. The internship is a great opportunity to apply course concepts in a practical setting.
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Student employed at a calf raising operation. Student admiring a robotic milking machine. Students attending a genetic trait scoring demonstration for herd improvement. Students visiting a corn ethanol plant.
Students participating in a farm visit. Students attending the World Dairy Expo in Madison. Program graduate working as an AI Technician. Farm evaluation conducted with veterinary assistance of disease risks to a dairy.