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2016-2017 Dental Assistant Student Handbook

All files in the DA Student Handbook are PDF's and require Adobe Reader Form requires pdf to view  to view.

Standard Precautions - Chart
Student Rules & Regulations - Signature page
Student Safety Accountability Statement - Signature page

Table of Contents


            A-1 College Mission, Vision, Values & Tenets
            A-2 Program Curriculum, Checklist & Course Descriptions
            A-3 Program Assessment Plan & Goals
            A-4 Program Outcomes
            A-5 Performance-Based Instruction
            A-6 Program Prerequisites
            A-7 CPR Requirements
            A-8 Background Checks
            A-9 Certification
            A-10 Complaints Concerning the DA Program


            B-1 Student Responsibilities
            B-2 DA Student Code of Conduct
            B-3 Confidentiality-HIPAA
            B-4 Absences
            B-5 Course Expectations for Assignments
            B-6 Computer Information
            B-7 Email Utilization
            B-8 Grading Policy
            B-9 Failing Grades
            B-10 Fail-Repeat Policy
            B-11 Grade Appeal Procedures
            B-12 Verifying Course Competency: Credit for Prior Learning
            B-13 Withdrawal Policy
            B-14 Dismissal from Program
            B-15 Clinical Uniform, Equipment Requirements & Acceptable Behavior
            B-16 Witnessing Legal Documents
            B-17 Communication Policies (Social Media)
            B-18 Volunteer Hours Form
            B-19 Clinical Policy
            B-20 DA Reentry into Program


            C-1 Health Status
            C-2 Bloodborne Pathogen Risk Statement
            C-3 Guidelines for the Practice of Standard Precautions
            C-4 Latex Allergies
            C-5 Physical Examination & Immunization Requirements
            C-6 Medical Information About Hepatitis B & Vaccines
            C-7 Medical Information About AIDS
            C-8 Needlestick Procedures


            D-1 Learning Concerns
            D-2 Responsibility of the Learner
            D-3 Test-Taking
            D-4 Studying Hints
            D-5 Important Dispositions for Critical Thinkers
            D-6 Good Thinking vs. Poor Thinking
            D-7 Improvement Plan