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Dietary Manager

30-312-9 Technical Diploma (336 hours)
Offered at Ashland*, New Richmond*, Rice Lake, Superior*
*Via ITV (interactive television)

Health. Nutrition. Management.

The Dietary Manager program will train students to manage food service personnel, food supplies, kitchen equipment, food production, and nutrition aspects of food service. This program provides skills beyond the level of dietary assistant. As dietary managers, graduates will be members of the dietetic team under the supervision of a registered dietician. Students need to complete their occupational experience in a hospital, nursing home, or other pre-approved dietary setting. Students completing the Dietary Manager Occupational Experience course may need to complete site forms. Further information can be obtained from the instructor.

Program Outcomes

Employers will expect you, as a graduate of this program, to:

Program Costs

The estimated total program cost for the Dietary Manager program is $577. View more information on program and costs.