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Emergency Medical Technician

30-531-3 Technical Diploma (180 Hours)
Campus: Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

Emergencies. Medicine. Caring.

This program will prepare the student to respond to many emergencies that require urgent medical attention. The student will be trained to assess the emergency, provide the care that can save a life, and transport the patient to the hospital. The student must know how to respond quickly to high-level emergencies such as a motor vehicle accident, heart attack, near drowning, childbirth, poisoning, and life-threatening injury. Students must be 18 years old for licensing. The student will also be expected to complete ten patient contacts, after obtaining a Training Center Training Permit.

Special Feature

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training is offered at various off-campus locations for the student's convenience.

Admission Requirements

Students in this program must:

Program-Specific Requirements

Students in this program must:

Knowledgeable. Organized. Responsible.

Students should strive to reach a comfort level in the following courses or skills:

Key to the student's success as an EMT is a desire to work for the good of others.

Student Profile

EMT students should be able to:

Program Outcomes

The Emergency Medical Technician program is approved by the Wisconsin Division of Health Services because it uses the current National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards. Graduates will be able to:

Program Costs

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