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Advanced EMT Program

What's Next?

Emergency Medical Technician.

The Advanced EMT program takes the firm foundation of training derived from the EMT program and enhances it by continuing on with skill sets that are only allowed at the more advanced levels of patient care. The Advanced EMT student will learn how to start and properly maintain intravenous lines as routes for medication administration or fluid resuscitation.

Students will also learn to better assess their patients by using the skills learned in the EMT training, and then applying critical thinking to the equation to further assess and treat medical or trauma patients. The course consists of approximately 126 hours of classroom work at a minimum, and much more detailed clinical experiences to get the necessary observations, patient assessments, intravenous starts, and medication administrations (either intramuscular or intravenous) to complete the coursework.

The graduate of this program can expect increased patient care responsibilities with advanced training, an increase in pay, and the knowledge that this level is yet another stepping stone to the Paramedic level of care, should he/she choose to pursue that dream as well.