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Entry Level Machining

31-420-6 Technical Diploma (one-year)
Campus: Custom (New Richmond)
Financial Aid Eligible

Production. Machining. Operation.

The Entry Level Machining program emphasizes core machining skills required and will prepare the student for a career in the machining industry. Students will learn the machining skills required to set up and operate manual and computer-controlled machines. Students will learn to use hand tools, precision measuring instruments, read prints, and create parts through manual programming and a computer-aided manufacturing system for CNC machine tools.

Career Pathway Options

Career Pathways connect progressive levels of coursework to allow students to build upon their education. Each step in the pathway connects with employment options and provides the opportunity for advancement to higher levels. The Entry Level Machining program is a pathway option in the following programs:


For more information on this program, scheduled sites, and how to apply, email Eric Lockwood, Project Manager of Continuing Ed, or call 715.246.6561 ext. 4297.

Program Outcomes

Employers will expect graduates of this program to be able to:

Program Costs

This program is eligible for financial aid. View more information on program and costs.