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Farm Business and Production Management Program

On Farm Instruction

Farm Scene

Instructors visit farms owned by the students to review practices with them and demonstrate new ideas for on-farm technologies that increase productivity, reduce labor and conserve limited resources. Farm Business faculty have extensive experience and access to a network of experts to find the best answers to local farm challenges.

Curriculum for this program is developed based on the needs of local farms and include the following:

Operating the Farm Business emphasizes the management skills and concepts necessary for the first-year student to continue farming in today's changing technology and farm business financing. Special emphasis is given to establishing and recording farm business and family goals. Student's entire farming operation is assessed and plans are developed for future needs and goals.

Soil Management is the basis of farming. The goal of soil management is to protect soil and enhance its performance, so you can farm profitably with sustainable soils that preserve the quality for decades to come.

Crop management analyzes the production of field crops, the application of pesticides and the implementation of farm business best practices.

Animal nutrition and management is essential to improve productivity and profit. Get up-to-date information on animal nutrition and management to discover the best animal nutrition and care.

To discuss any of the areas listed above, please contact Farm Business and Production Management faculty.