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Farm Business and Production Management Program

Program Preview

Farm Scene

Farm Business and Production Management is designed to provide education and support to farm owners and operators and is for people who are interested in farming. Most of the learning takes place in a classroom and on the student's own farm. Students learn methods of organization that will assist them in meeting family and business goals. Good management ties all the pieces of the farming operation together, from soil and crop management to herd health and production to all aspects of business management.

Make plans to preview this program by contacting faculty and spending a day or two on the farm observing and asking questions to help determine if this program is for you. New classes begin each July.

Contact Farm Business and Production Management faculty to schedule your program shadow today.

Interested in registering?

After WITC is notified of your intent to enroll, a program instructor will visit your farm or residence to complete the registration process.

Contact Randy Deli, Academic Dean at the Rice Lake Campus - 1.800.243.WITC ext. 5113 - to get started!