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Farm Business and Dairy Herd Management Tools

The following decision-making tools were developed by the Dairy Center for Profitability, UW Dairy Science, USDA, and the Wisconsin Technical College System.  They are designed to assist you in making decisions or analyzing your farming operations.  If you have questions on how to use these programs, contact your FBPM instructor.

You will need Microsoft Excel to view the spreadsheets.  If you are a WITC student.  Microsoft Office software is available at a greatly discounted price.

WTCS Financial Statement and Analysis

Determining your cost per hundred weight of milk

Preparing a Farm Business Plan and Cash Flow

Determine the dollar value of various feed stuffs

Determine the cost of raising replacement heifers

Determine cost of replacement heifers utilizing pasture

Should I buy equipment or hire it done?

Milking costs per hundred weight of milk sold when the hours of the parlor operated each day are identical.

Milking Center Advisor:  Labor and capitol analysis of milking centers.

How much can I afford to pay for a cow if she doesn't add to overhead

What is the total impact of adding cows to my operation?

The FSA Farm and Home Plan

Graphic emblem to click on to observe the Rice Lake, Wisconsin weather forecast