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General Studies

Campus: Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

Foundational. Central. Essential.

General Studies offers courses in communication, mathematics, science, social science, and behavioral science that provide the foundation for degree, certificate, and diploma programs at WITC. A General Studies certificate is also offered.

Basic Education offers individualized and group instruction in English, social studies, science, reading, mathematics, English Language Learning (ELL), civics, health, career exploration, and employability skills. Persons may attend classes to prepare for entry into specific WITC courses, to receive academic support with current program course materials, to prepare for employment, to increase knowledge of oral and written communication, and to fulfill personal goals. GED/HSED® preparation and testing services are also available.

Collegewide Outcomes

Collegewide Outcomes are universal in nature and are intended to develop personal awareness, career effectiveness, and professionalism. These outcomes are tied to program outcomes. Achievement of these outcomes builds a strong foundation for future mobility in your chosen field.

As a student, you are expected to demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and skills in these areas of study:

Prepared Learner Initiative for General Studies Coursework

Prepared Learner is a Wisconsin Technical College System initiative to increase student preparedness for specific college courses. The initiative includes guidelines for course placement of students into General Studies courses. Students are placed into one of the following levels: 1) Basic Education, 2) General College, or 3) Associate Degree courses. Basic Education courses are courses that focus on the fundamentals in a discipline. General College courses are intended for students who need further preparation for associate degree-level coursework. Associate degree courses are college level both in content and rigor.

Areas of placement may include communications, mathematics, reading, science, and/or college success. Program acceptance is still based on established program assessment scores. Program entry standards may be different from the placement score for General Studies courses.

Program Costs

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General Studies Instructor Video

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