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Welcome to WITC's Health Information Technology Orientation page!

If you are starting the HIT program Spring of 2018 --you are in the right place!  This page has been created to help you prepare for courses starting this fall. 

What you will need to do: Click on forms below to print them:  (all forms are pdf files) - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE) to download and view these files. 

2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Campus Contacts

2017-18 HIT Curriculum Checklist -- to be used as as guide.  Although your academic advisor can provide guidance, you are ultimately responsible for selecting courses that meet a programís graduation requirements.

Background Checks
The clinical agencies that host the WITC HIT students for practicum courses have significantly increased their demands for background check scrutiny over the past several years.  Background checks will not be completed until 90 days prior to start of third semester.  In the meantime, we want to ensure students understand, prior to the start of the program, that
if there are no clinical agencies that will accept the student based on the background check history, the student must be excused from the HIT program, regardless of the studentís academic standing.  This is explained in further detail in the background check disclosure.

All HIT students are required to complete a Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check and a National Criminal Background Check, which must be completed through Verified Credentials, Inc.  In additional to that, if you are a student who will complete clinical in Minnesota, you will also be required to complete a Minnesota Caregiver Background CheckPrior to 3rd semester, your Program Instructor/Advisor will inform if a Minnesota background check is needed. 

1. Print forms
2. Each form will indicate a due date and to whom the paperwork should be sent. 

Health form and directions
1. Print directions and forms
2. Read Hepatitis B information
3. Complete health information and immunization pages of the form.
4. Take form and directions to your physical exam appointment. 
Be sure the physical exam page gets signed & stamped!
5. Submit prior to third semester per instructor's deadline.

Complete & give to Instructor:
Functional Abilities -- Read the functions and initial/sign the last page as described.  Submit to instructor by designated date.
Confidentiality Statement
Computer Skills Inventory

Information Only:
HIT Program Cost Sheet
HIT Text List-Spring 2018
Insurance Information

Student Biographical Change Request -- please print and use this form if you change your name, address or phone number(s). You should submit it to your local Student Services to be certain that the changes are entered in the main computer system.

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