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Healthcare Receptionist

30-160-2 Short-Term Technical Diploma (less than one-year)
Campus: Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior, Online

Competence. Attitude. Life Skills.

The Healthcare Receptionist short-term diploma prepares students to perform a variety of office support functions within a health care organization. This embedded technical diploma fully ladders into the Health Office Professional technical diploma and the Medical Administrative Professional associate degree. Courses are offered in a variety of delivery options, including traditional classroom, flex lab (independent study) and online.

Career Pathway Options

Career Pathways connect progressive levels of coursework to allow students to build upon their education. Each step in the pathway connects with employment options and provides the opportunity for advancement to higher levels. Healthcare Receptionist is a pathway option in the following programs:

How to Apply

Complete the online application or contact Student Services. When completing an online application, select the Healthcare Receptionist program from the program of choice dropdown list.

Program Outcomes

Employers will expect Healthcare Receptionist graduates to be able to:

Program Costs

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