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Information Technology Network Specialist

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What Graduates are Saying

"The two years I spent at WITC were the best years of my life. All of the technology classes were hands-on, with many labs to practice what was taught. The instructors brought industry experience into the classroom and shared their insights. The friendships I made with students and teachers have lasted long past graduation. Most importantly, I gained the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this industry. If you like technology, love learning, enjoy making new friends and want to be prepared for your dream job, WITC is the college for you."

Timothy Grabrian
WITC IT - Network Specialist Graduate

"After attending UW-Stout for a semester and a half, I can confidently say that I am very happy with my decision to attend WITC, earn my associate degree and then transfer to Stout. I feel like I know more than everyone in my networking classes because everything we have covered so far is something that was at least touched on by my instructors at WITC. I have a broader (and more detailed) knowledge of networking than students that are a higher grade level. Students should be very proud of the education they receive at WITC."

Tony Hecht
WITC IT - Network Specialist Graduate

"You won't find anyone whose life was changed more by WITC.  I'm the luckiest person in this school, and I'm very happy with the choice I made.  I will graduate in May and maybe someday I'll continue with a four-year degree, but right now I'm prepared and ready for the job market."

Derek Sack
WITC IT - Network Specialist Graduate

"I'd be managing the network and helping customers with printer problems, software problems, and e-mail," he says. "It's exactly what I went to school for."

Aaron MacDonald
WITC IT - Network Specialist Graduate