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Information Technology - Web and Software Developer

Be Successful

Choose the course load that works best for you. Whether you're hoping to complete the degree in two, three or four years, WITC will work with you to stay on your designated track.

2 year plan 3 year plan 4 year plan

Courses that are worth more credits require more time designated each week for reading assignments, homework time and review and test time. This guideline will help you manage your time and choose a plan that fits your schedule.

If your course

Time for reading the assigned text

Time for homework

Time for review / test

Total time per week

3 credits

1 to 2 hours

3 to 5 hours

2 hours

6 to 9 hours

4 credits

2 to 3 hours

3 to 6 hours

3 hours

8 to 12 hours

The Information Technology - Web and Software Developer associate degree is offered both online collegewide and in-person at the New Richmond campus. If you're a self-motivated learner who has a computer with high-speed Internet access, an online program might be for you! In an online classroom setting, you will interact with your instructor and classmates through online discussions and assignments, faculty-provided instructional videos, and video conferencing. Communications will take place through the WITC learning management system, email or other virtual means.

Contact an Admissions advisor to determine if this program is right for you.