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Information Technology - Web and Software Developer

Successful Graduates

Brandon Kelly
WITC Graduate

Brandon Kelly, WITC-Information Technology - Web Analys/Programmer Graduate"As an online student, the instructors at WITC were always there for me. The instructors know the languages and the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing programming environment. Programming and programming languages change and vary from company to company. The tools and classes that WITC offered enabled me to adapt to these changes.

I work for, a leading entertainment Web site in the United States. My day is all encompassing, including system administration, help desk support and obviously Web programming. All computer-related functions are taken care of by me and a lead programmer. Our lead programmer works remotely from Portland, Ore., so for me, taking online classes has been an asset to how we work as a team. Everything I learned at WITC prepared me to learn quickly and adapt to changing circumstances.

The instructors at WITC give you the building blocks to succeed in this ever-changing programming environment. I am thankful for their guidance and continued support - even after graduation."

Jon Jurisch
WITC GraduateJon Jurisch

"I became fascinated with the Internet and how it works as a teenager after getting a virus on my computer. I started my journey into programming by figuring out how to get rid of that virus. This introduced me to a new view of the Internet. After high school, I was looking to get a degree in information technology, but was never really interested in the older programming languages used only for desktop computing.

WITC's IT-Web Analyst/Programmer degree, which concentrates on programming for the web, offers a unique blend of classes to learn how to build web sites and applications. This was exactly what I was looking for, and it was unique to the area. I switched my job to be able to go during the day, but they also offered an online version that was available anytime. The classes are a good mixture of everything you need to be able to offer to employers, and two years later, I graduated with high honors.

I found a contracting position that hired students and recent graduates to work building websites at 3M in Maplewood, Minn. This was a great experience, and I was part of that program for a year before getting hired as a fulltime IT analyst. This position was on the Analyst team, which utilized both tracks of my degree. I was primarily an analyst gathering requirements for improving or creating new components for websites - but also a subject-matter expert for any front-end website processes.

After a couple of years, I decided it was time to get a bachelor's degree. The cool thing about WITC, is the relationship it maintains with the UW system. I was able to transfer nearly all of my credits and attend UW-Stout online and graduate in two years with a B.S. in IT Communication Technologies. This degree has positioned me to take a leadership position within our group to lead a team of developers and build a new system.

I strongly feel that this program at WITC is valuable and contains a great blend of courses to start any type of programming career. Whether your passion is building out front-end websites with HTML, back-end applications with a server side language or defining requirements as an analyst, there are courses that teach all sides. We have hired other graduates from this program to work within our team, and I credit much of my success to this program and its instructors."