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Machine Tool Technician

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What Graduates are Saying

Bob Johnson, WITC Machine Tool Technician Graduate
"I would recommend WITC because the amount of machines, and the technology of the machines, is incredible -- WITC keeps up with technology and teaches the latest techniques.  I still call the instructor with questions, and he's always happy to help."

"The training was very complete and up-to-date, which is why WITC has a very strong reputation for producing high quality CNC Machinists.  A lot of companies approach WITC when they're hiring -- the company I work for now plans to use my connections with the school when recruiting employees."

Bob Johnson
WITC Graduate

Ray Ferguson, WITC Machine Tool Technician Graduate


When I came to WITC, I already had seven years in the field, but I needed to advance -- the machining industry is completely driven by technology.  Machining is no longer just manual equipment -- computers are everywhere.  The program at WITC gave me the computer controlled (CNC) machine experience I needed.

Three months after graduation, I became co-owner of a machining company and I'm now successful because of the skills I learned at WITC.  The training I received gave me a phenomenal boost.

Ray Ferguson
WITC Graduate


“I’ve always been very mechanical and liked building things. The program was interesting. It was a great opportunity to work my way into the field without going to a four-year college, which I couldn’t afford. WITC prepared me well for me career.

Phil Sorensen
Machine Tool Technician