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Machine Tooling Technics Program

A graduate's success story

Andrew Heintz, WITC graduate of the Machine Tooling Technics Program

Machine Tool jobs not only require a high degree of skill, they offer great variety. That was a major appeal for Andrew Heintz, who graduated from the Machine Tooling Technics program on WITC’s New Richmond campus in 2003.

He enrolled in that program as an 18-year-old high school graduate and worked in a local machine shop while attending WITC. When he completed the program, he worked for a machine shop for three years, then started his own business—Heintz Machine Corp. in New Richmond—in January 2006. Although the company currently is a one-man shop, it serves customers in a variety of industries. “I make tools for Lumberjack Tools in Colorado Springs, Colo., and make airplane parts and parts for fire nozzles, sprayer nozzles, and cleaning equipment,” Heintz says. “I also do work for a local welding shop. I’ve done some custom work, too, like parts for hot rods. It’s a good variety. And I’m busy.”

After he had been running his own manufacturing company for just five months, Heintz already was planning to hire another employee and to purchase more equipment. “I’m looking at WITC for my new hire,” he says. “Right now it’s hard to find employees. It seems everyone is looking for somebody to hire.”