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Marine Repair Technician - Preview Program

Marine Repair Technician Program

Experience WITC. Near the shores of Lake Superior in Ashland, Wis., Marine Repair Technician courses are taught in a 6,000-square foot lab featuring the most up-to-date equipment including EFI and direct injection engines.

Schedule time to preview the program. During your visit, you’ll meet the instructors Tim Edwards and Todd Larson as well as talk to current students about their WITC experience. Their input can help you make the best decision today about your career tomorrow.

“In no other industry do you get to work on the water, out in the sun and go for boat rides too,” says Larson. “The marine repair industry is very stable and can generally withstand economic changes. Boat sales are very dependent on the strength of the economy, but boat repairs are quite resistant to economic downswings. Simply, if someone can’t afford a new boat, they get their old one repaired.”

In fact, that outlook is confirmed by Bureau of Labor Statistics, who classifies job prospects for people who complete formal training programs as excellent, due in part to an increase in the population of retired people who have leisure time and income to spend on recreational equipment such as motorboats.

Contact the Admissions Advisor at the Ashland Campus to schedule your program shadow today.