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Marine Repair Technician - What's New

Get your degree in less time and for less money.

The newly redesigned program has changed its format and condensed the two-year, four-semester program to three semesters lasting a year and a half.

“This will benefit students because they will receive the same amount of training in less time, pay less tuition and get into the job market sooner,” says Todd Larson, an instructor in WITC’s Marine Repair Technician program. “The program will graduate a group of students twice a year. December graduates will enter the job market just when marine businesses are starting to consider their employment needs for the spring season. May graduates will enter the job market when marine businesses are entering their peak season getting boats ready for the water.”

Steve Witt, MRT Graduate
    Steve Witt, graduate of WITC's Marine Repair Technician program found
    the skills to map his own future. Read Steve's story here