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What Graduates are Saying

"Learning what motivates people is beneficial because that's ultimately who you're going to market to.  The interpersonal skills that you learn at WITC obviously translate into how you interact with coworkers, customers, and vendors."

Katie Swenby
WITC Graduate

"All my teachers at WITC were industry-trained experts in their field and had years of working experience.  That's what inspired me to pursue additional education and it's why I'm working in a wide variety of marketing and business-related roles.  If I ever came back full circle and was a teacher myself, I would want the same level of experience and expertise in industry before I entered the classroom."

Tina Slayton
WITC Graduate

"Being able to know the latest trends will benefit me as I look for employment and move ahead in my career. Thanks to WITC for helping me get on track for a successful career in Marketing."

WITC Graduate