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Employers Speak of the Medical Administrative Specialist Program

Amanda VandeVoort, Medical Administrative Specialist Graduate "Baldwin Area Medical Center has been a recipient of many students from the WITC Medical Administrative Specialist program. Students come well prepared to work and have a diverse understanding of the administrative aspects of health care. The quality of work students are capable of producing speaks well of the instruction they receive and the professionalism of the program. Instructors of the program are clearly committed to the delivery of high quality education, professional students and partnerships with business and industry. We are fortunate to have the entire WITC campus available in the St. Croix County area."

Trudy Achterhoff, Director of Human Resources
Baldwin Area Medical Center

"We have had several students of the Medical Administrative Specialist Program at WITC-Superior do their internship at our facility. By doing so the students gain insight to what it is really like in the field versus text book reality. I have always found the students to be enthusiastic to learn everything that is provided during their internship. Prior to coming on site, WITC provides the student with a well rounded knowledge base as well as good work ethics. I strongly believe that it is also our responsibility as experts in the field to mentor students. We need to take responsibility for the continuation of growth within our scope of the Health Care Delivery System. I have personally hired a couple of graduates from WITC as Coders. They both have done extraordinary and I commend WITC for that. I would not hesitate to hire more graduates because they are provided such a high quality education at WITC."

Susan Van Damme, RHIT,
CPC Coding Manager
SMDC Health System

"Hudson Physicians has been involved with students enrolled in the Medical Administrative Specialist program at the New Richmond campus since its inception. This program covers all areas in the medical business office & prepares a student to be an asset upon graduation. Students complete an externship at various clinics or hospitals prior to graduation. This is an invaluable tool in the student's training. As an employer, we have input into the needs and qualifications that are necessary for a student to be a qualified employee. I personally have hired two students who have been graduates of the Medical Administrative Specialist Program at New Richmond. Each student has been fully prepared to work in the medical business office. Whenever I have an open position I contact WITC to advertise for an employee. I know the students who apply will be able to fulfill the requirements of the position I have available. I would recommend the Medical Administrative Specialist program to anyone who has an interest in the medical field. Students who complete this program can be assured they have received the best education and training and will have a great future in healthcare."

Chris Boardman, Insurance Manager
Hudson Physicians Clinic

"My experience with graduates of the WITC Medical Administrative Specialist program is that they are given a well-rounded education which provides them with the skills necessary to jump into a variety of Medical Administrative Specialist positions.  They also come prepared with excellent communication skills and team work skills. I believe the program effectively integrates a variety of professionals working in the field with the advisory team which exposes the students to the 'real world.'

Julie Waltenburg, RHIA, Director
Health Information Services, Duluth Clinic