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Medical Administrative Professional

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Medical Administrative Specialist graduate, Dawn Miller.

What Graduates are Saying

You get to know the teachers and they get to know you, she says. If youre struggling, its easy to get extra help. They have a genuine interest in you. The biggest class I have is about 18 students. Its like a close-knit family.

Latischa Ferg
Medical Administrative Specialist Program (MAS)

"I recently received my Associate's Degree from WITC in the Medical Administrative Specialist Program.  I now have a very successful job at Healthpartners Group, Inc., St. Paul, MN, in the health insurance field filing medical claims for 22 clinics.  I could not have done it without the extensive educational background and experience that I received from WITC."

Katie Dale
Patient Account Representative

"As a recent graduate of the Medical Administrative Specialist program at New Richmond, I felt prepared going into my current position at Associated Eye Care's Business Office.  I feel that the Medical Administrative Specialist Program had much to do with my increased comfort level as an employee.  Being introduced to the variety of courses in the program helped once I got out into the workforce."

Kari Gehrman
Business Office

"The knowledge I received at WITC has helped me find a great job. I am a billing specialist/coder. With my hands-on coding experience, medical terminology, and medical office procedures, I have learned to code the facilities charge tickets, send claims, and decipher the meaning of many surgical procedures. Every day I work with numbers such as credits and debits. I gained the knowledge of business math and accounting while going to school at WITC. and I use it every day in my career. I know that all the classes I took for MAS have applied tremendously. Getting the MAS degree has made me marketable for the medical administrative field."

Amy Her
WITC Graduate

"In my pursuit and search for a new career, the staff at WITC was excellent in helping me choose the right path.  I knew that I wanted a career as a medical transcriptionist; they in turn counseled me on the program/classes to pursue.  Since finishing the Medical Administrative Specialist program, I have worked for a local hospital doing medical transcription and am now working from home doing the same. I am grateful for the help and support I received from WITC. With the excellent classes offered in this program, I felt confident after graduating that I could proficiently start a career as a medical transcriptionist.  I knew what my goal was, and they prepared me for what has turned out to be the best decision I could have made.  Many thanks to all at WITC."Medical Administrative Specialist graduate, Amanda Robinson.

Terri Maki
WITC Graduate

"I am presently working as a coder at the Duluth Clinic doing ICD-9 coding.  WITC prepared me for my job, especially the medical terminology and medical insurance classes.  Im grateful that an internship was part of the program in order to get actual on-the-job experience.  WITC was a great experience for me; I was able to find a job in my field before I even graduated."

Melissa Mossberger
WITC Graduate

"I am working as a surgery clerk at SMDC in Duluth doing charge posting, scheduling, coding, word processing, reception work and communicating with doctors, nurses, and surgical staff. I think that WITC is a great place to get an education.  The whole school is helpful in whatever your needs are."

Melanie Nowling
WITC Graduate

"I work as a PSA in Radiology at St. Marys Medical Center in Duluth doing registration and scheduling in the MRI department.  The office procedures and terminology that we learned are used on an everyday basis. Hands-on projects in classes with actual office work were a large benefit.  The internship component was very helpful.  I was hired for my position and did my internship on the job.  The supervisor thought it was a great idea for part of my training process.  WITC-Superior has a great medical secretary program. The instructors cover all areas needed to go into this field."

Doreen Martin
WITC Graduate

"My educational experience at WITC-Superior was the best that I could have expected. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful everyone was.  If you had any problems or questions  about anything, someone was there to help you.  With the help of my education and internship experiences, I was able to get a job in Wausau, Wisconsin working for the Marshfield Clinic, Wausau Center as a coding specialist.  From there, I was able to transfer to Marshfield Clinic-Indianhead Center in Rice Lake so I could be closer to my hometown.  The specific classes that really helped me in my career were Medical Insurance, Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Office Procedures, and Medical Document Production.  If I ever decide to go back to school and further my education, WITC-Superior would be my choice."

Amy L. Lysdahl
WITC Graduate
Medical Administrative Specialist graduate, Michele Sandburg.

"I work as a receptionist at the Shell Lake and Siren Clinics.  My internship helped me get where I am now.  The course work that I had helped show my coworkers that Im flexible in working in different departments.  In addition to scheduling, working with patient charts, and running the Shell Lake office, Ive done coding, transcription, and insurance.  I am very happy with what Ive learned at WITC-Superior."

Susan Weis
WITC Graduate