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Medical Assistant

Clinical PracticumWITC Medical Assistant Program

Clinical Practicum is an important component of the Medical Assistant program. Clinical Assistants will prepare to meet the exciting, yet often challenging, task of providing ethical and effective service to patients. Attendance is mandatory and often mirrors a schedule that is similar to the workplace. Planning ahead for a 78 hour day Monday through Friday during the last six weeks of the program will be helpful as you plan your college career.

The purpose of the Practicum is to provide students with a supervised clinical experience in order to apply the medical assistant skills they have learned. This experience will take place in local and regional clinics and will be supervised by employees of that clinic. The Medical Assistant program instructor will also supervise this experience. Students must complete 216 hours in their practicum experience.

Students will be assigned to work in clinics that have signed a contract with WITC for this experience and will work according to clinic expectations. This is a learning experience and students will not be paid for this work time.

All coursework, including CPR and a First Aid course must be completed prior to the Clinical Practicum.