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Medical Assistant

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What Graduates are Saying

Betsy Tiika, WITC Medical Assistant Graduate


I graduated from the Medical Assistant program in May 2004, and am now employed by St. Luke's Chequamegon Clinic.  I attended WITC with the intent to pursue a career in the medical field. Thanks to my training and my instructor's guidance, I was able to do that.  The Medical Assistant program taught strict professionalism and confidence; among other skills needed to be successful. The staff was friendly and helpful, making my experience with WITC very positive.

Betsy Tiika
WITC Graduate

Amy Huber, WITC Medical Assistant Graduate

The Certified Medical Assistant program at WITC trains you to work in all aspects of a clinic. You are trained from answering the phones and scheduling appointments to working side-by-side with the physician or working in the laboratory. This type of training not only makes you a versatile employee, but leaves the door open for other employment opportunities.

I am thankful for the great learning experience that I had at WITC-Ashland.

Amy Huber
WITC Graduate

Hallie Miller, WITC Medical Assistant Graduate


I graduated from WITC in May 2003 and am currently employed at the Ashland Clinic. I work as a medical assistant in Internal Medicine with Dr. Clair Morud. I enjoy my job and love working with people and being able to help them.

WITC taught me how to help patients, assist the doctor, and may more tasks that I need in the medical field. This was all made possible by the wonderful instructor, Carol Utpadel and the staff at WITC-Ashland.

Hallie Miller
WITC Graduate



"It's the most rewarding job I've ever had.  When I leave work, I feel good knowing I probably did some good for somebody today."

WITC Graduate