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Nursing - Associate Degree Program

How to Apply

Admission Procedures for the WITC ADN Program

Attend an ADN Information Session
Important information about the WITC ADN program can be found through reviewing an online ADN Information Presentation @

Or you may attend a campus ADN Information Session offered monthly. Click this link to register for a “live” information session at the WITC campus you will attend: information session registration

To apply to the WITC ADN program complete these steps:

STEP 1: Apply for Pre-ADN

When the requirements for Step 1 are completed, you will be admitted to the Pre-ADN program and may be eligible for Financial Aid.

STEP 2: Achieve Core Program Requirements Required for Admission

PRIORITY ADMISSION is given to students who have completed the ADN program-required General Studies courses as follows:

Highest priority--Grade of B- or better in:

Second priority--Completion of ADN Program-Required General Studies courses in the order listed:

Earn of grade of “C” or better in:

*General Studies science courses are foundational to success in the ADN program. It is highly recommended that you retake these courses if they were completed more than five (5) years ago.

Students who have completed 40 credits and have not met the above requirements will no longer be eligible for financial aid.

STEP 3: Priority Petition to be Admitted to the ADN Core Program

Review the online informational presentation on Step 3.

Print off the forms referenced in the online presentation for the Petition Process

Submit all required forms within the timeline as defined:

Make a copy of your application packet before mailing the original documents to the campus you plan to attend:

ADN Admission
WITC Ashland Campus
2100 Beaser Avenue
Ashland, WI 54806
ADN Admission
WITC New Richmond Campus
1019 S Knowles Ave
New Richmond, WI 54017
ADN Admission
WITC Rice Lake Campus
1900 College Drive
Rice Lake, WI 54868
ADN Admission
WITC Superior Campus
600 N 21st Street
Superior, WI 54880

Petitioning postmark deadline:

Students will receive a letter confirming their start date for core courses by

Should there be applicants that have equally met the Priority Petition for Admission requirements, the student with the earliest documented date of completion of the Pre-ADN Admission (Step 1) requirements will be admitted first.

Accepted students will be notified via a letter of the mandatory ADN program orientation session soon after acceptance into the program. Non-accepted students are encouraged to apply again. A new, complete Priority Petition packet must be submitted for each time of application. Application packets will be kept at the campus for one month after the application process has closed; after this time all applications will be destroyed.