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1/15/2015 - RN & PN Statements of Graduation were submitted today to Wi DSPS (via email) & MN Board of Nursing (via certified snail mail).  Please give them 15 business days to process the statements.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Lisa Hall @ or 800/243-9482 x2221.

Associate Degree Nursing Graduate Page

If you are graduating from the ADN (or PN) program, this page is for you!!

WITC’s process of graduating the students’ records may take up to 15 business days AFTER graduation to complete.  Statements of Graduation will NOT be mailed to either the WI Dept. of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) or MN Board of Nursing until all 4 campuses report the students’ records have been completed and a report is run to confirm.  DSPS and MN Board of Nursing require an additional 15-20 business days to process the forms.

In order to give WITC and the applicable Board of Nursing time to process all the paperwork, WITC will only respond to inquiries regarding the process 6 weeks after graduation.  Updates will be posted on the web as they occur.


The Wisconsin DSPS application will need to be completed in paper form.  DO NOT try to use the online OLAS system as WITC is not yet set up as an OLAS school.  At this time, WITC is not allowing students to complete NCLEX prior to graduation, so there is no need to complete form # 3049.

  1. Complete appropriate state application
    • Please make sure you are completing the form for the state in which you want to be licensed
    • Each state requires its own form and one state’s form cannot be substituted for another
  2. Complete the appropriate state Statement of Graduation and submit to your designated ADN instructor
  3. Complete NCLEX application
  4. Complete the WITC  Intent to Graduate form & submit payment of $35 graduation fee to Student Services
  5. Ensure all of your WITC accounts are paid and that you do not owe money to WITC
  6. Ensure your high school transcript is on file with WITC in Student Services
  7. Ensure ALL required courses have been completed with a “C” or better, and/or prior credit for advance standing has been processed
  8. The following courses must be completed in order for a student to be eligible as a PN graduate:

            543-101 through 543-108 courses            Written Communication
            Oral/Interpersonal Communication            Developmental Psychology
            General Anatomy & Physiology                 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

  1. Check your student email for information of any problems with your record and/or Statement of Graduation. 

Three weeks after graduation, please check this web page for updated information as to when the statements of graduation are submitted to and received by Wisconsin DSPS and/or MN Board of Nursing.

This web page and your student email will be the only notifications you will receive from us.


  1. Inform students this process is on the web. 
  2. Check forms and payment information for accuracy and completeness.
  3. Ensure student is completing paperwork appropriate to state of application.
  4. Advise students of deadline to collect applications & mail as one package to appropriate state boards of nursing.  Advise students that if they don't meet the deadline, they should mail in the application on their own.  Also advise “late” students that the applications DO NOT get mailed to Shell Lake.
  5. Collect Statements of Graduation forms from ALL students and send with roster in one packet to Shell Lake for completion, signature, and submission to the appropriate state boards of nursing. 
  6. Make note of any student who is missing Statement of Graduation and reason.


  1. Allied Health Technician will type & notarize (if needed) each statement
  2. College Registrar will sign each statement.
  3. School stamp will be added
  4. Allied Health Technician will mail statements of graduation to appropriate state boards of nursing as a package via certified mail AFTER all 4 campuses report the students’ records have been completed.

Click here for Application and Statement of Graduation information.

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