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ADN Student Handbook - Academic Year 2017-2018

Table of Contents

All files in the ADN Student Handbook are PDFs and require Adobe Reader Form requires pdf to view  to view.

Standard Precautions - Chart
Student Rules & Regulations - Signature page
Student Safety Accountability Statement - Signature page

A.  Curriculum

         A-1 ADN Program Curriculum
         A-2 Nursing Curriculum Matrix
         A-3 ADN Course Descriptions
         A-4 HESI
         A-5 Clinical Performance Evaluation
         A-6 Clinical Simulation Hours Ratio
         A-7 Performance-Based Instruction

B.  Program

          B-1 ADN Program Conceptual Framework
          B-2 ADN Program Philosophy
          B-3 ADN Program Purposes
          B-4 Complaints Concerning ADN Program
          B-5 History of WITC Pin
          B-6 ADN Program Outcomes, Criteria and Curriculum Matrix
          B-7 Student Input into Program
          B-8 Computer Info
          B-9 Clinical Skills Checklist
          B-10 Graduation Forms Procedures

C.  Student Rules and Regulations

         C-1 WI Board of Nursing Rules of Conduct
         C-2 WITC ADN Functional Abilities
         C-3 Caregiver Background Checks
         C-4 Health Status
         C-5 CPR Requirements
         C-6 HIPAA and Confidentiality
         C-7 Code of Conduct
         C-8 Clinical Expectations and Professionalism
         C-9 Care Planning Expectations
         C-10 Communication and Course Expectations
         C-11 Standard Precautions
         C-12 Grading
         C-13 Failing Grades
         C-14 Withdrawal from Coursework
         C-15 Student Resources for Dosage Calculation Exams
         C-16 Needle Stick Procedures
         C-17 Registration for Courses and Clinical
         C-18 Required Documentation for Clinical Courses
         C-19 Supervision of Nursing Skills
         C-20 ADN Semester 4 Coursework at WITC
         C-21 Clinical Performance Evaluation
         C-22 RN Exit Exam Requirements for Transitions

D.  Transfer, Readmission, and Dismissal

         D-1 Transferring of ADN Students Between WITC Campuses
         D-2 Transfer of Course Credits Taken Outside of Program
         D-3 Course Repeat and Readmission Process
         D-4 Dismissal from ADN Program including Reentry after Dismissal

E.  Forms

         E-1 Student Input into Program
         E-2 Request Transfer to Another WITC Campus
         E-3 Transfer of Student Academic Standing Info Permission and SOU
         E-4 Student Program Readmission Form
         E-5 Student Academic Action Plan for Success
         E-6 Improvement Plan
         E-7 Critical Incident Report