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If you are an ADN student who has failed or withdrawn from a core nursing course you are now considered a Reentry Student with the ADN program.  Due to limited enrollments allowed for clinical sites and available classroom space and resources for theory courses, reentry students must be prioritized for reentry into the ADN core courses.  

A student who fails to earn a passing grade or withdraws from a nursing core course must complete the following forms:

   Student Program Readmission Request Form (E4)
   Student Academic Action Plan for Success Form (E5)

Students must meet with the campus ADN Reentry Coordinator and submit both forms within ten (10) days of withdrawal or failure.  The ADN Reentry Coordinator will forward both forms to a campus counselor to help ensure successful reentry.

Please note that while you may not be eligible to continue with core nursing courses at this time due to pre/corequisite requirements, you are still eligible to take general studies or elective courses required for graduation from the ADN program. 

Students will receive notification of their readmission status after the last week of each semester based on space and program specific protocols.

A reentry student may not register for nursing core courses until approved to do so by the ADN Reentry Coordinator and until all prerequisite core technical courses are completed.

If you are planning on retaking coursework through another WTCS college, you must still complete and return both forms.  This will ensure that you will still be considered for reentry priority status. 

If you are offered an opportunity to return and you decide to postpone your reentry to the ADN program, you will forfeit your priority reentry status and will not be eligible for reentry until after other students waiting to reenter (LPN Progression, transfer) have had the opportunity to reenter. 

In order to be considered for re-entry, the student must be current on all clinical requirements and verifications.

All reentry students are required to resubmit a Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check and a National Criminal Background Check which must be completed.  In additional to that, if you are a New Richmond or Superior student, you are also required to resubmit a Minnesota Caregiver Background Check.  Background Check forms and information can be found on the ADN Orientation Web Page.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the campus ADN Reentry Coordinator.

Tina Hagstrom
2100 Beaser Ave
Ashland WI  54806
800/243-9482 x3853
Email Tina
WITC-New Richmond
Karen Engesether
1019 S Knowles Ave
New Richmond WI  54017
800/243-9482 x4384
Email Karen
WITC-Rice Lake
Mary Jean Jergenson
1900 College Dr
Rice Lake WI  54868
800/243-9482 x5234
Email Mary Jean
Ann Charbonneau
600 N 21st St
Superior WI  54880
800/243-9482 x6352
Email Ann

Reentry Student Checklist