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Nursing Assistant Basic

Careers. Choices. Real Life.

What Graduates are Saying

WITC Nursing Assistant Basic students in the classroom

I felt super and successful at the end of the course. I learned new skills and how to help people.  I feel like I can call myself a successful CNA and person.

WITC Graduate


I feel I have learned so much and have experienced enough to perform in a workplace. I never want to quit learning.  I would like to strengthen my knowledge even more.

WITC Graduate


The last day of clinicals went really well. I am very pleased with the day. Everyone seems more confident and relaxed with the residents. This experience was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I am looking forward to getting a job as a CNA. Thanks Liz for the great job you did teaching us.

WITC Graduate


I feel that we have come a long way! When we began five weeks ago, we were kids. Now, we can safely and comfortably care for residents in a long-term care setting. I feel like I can walk away feeling positive about all that we accomplished. Thanks Liz.

WITC Graduate


I am very happy with the way this class ended up. Not only do I feel more comfortable on the job site, but I am more eager to become a certified nursing assistant than before the class. The way the class is setup is excellent. There is also great onsite job training which made me feel very confident and proud of myself.

Eric Larson
WITC Graduate